Colette O’Neill’s “Goddess Permaculture” at Bealtaine Cottage in Ireland

I love Colette O’Neill’s videos. They move kind of slow, so I have to be in a really patient sort of mood and have some free time on my hands to watch them, but I love the way she thinks, and I love how much love she has for her gardens and the flora and fauna she looks after there. She just marvels at everything like it’s her first time seeing it, like each plant and animal is a tiny miracle intensely worthy of a few precious moments of deep acknowledgement even though she probably sees these plants every day, year after year (at least during the growing season).

While her spiritual approach to gardening may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I find aspects of it highly relate-able, and I think many folks could benefit from it if they could slow down enough to engage in this kind of deep observation and if they could stop being so self-conscious about how others might perceive them if they did cultivate this kind of spiritual connection with nature. I have to admit that I often feel a need to hide any spiritual proclivities I might have for fear of being dismissed as as idiot by my staunchly atheist friends or being mistaken for a devil worshiper or something by religious fundamentalists…not that I actually know any folks like that anymore.

Anyway, if you’re looking for something calming to watch while you sip your herbal tea–like a woman wandering around in her garden in awe of all the beauty that surrounds her while waxing philosophically–O’Neill has you covered.

And here’s her website:

Before Goddess Permaculture and the Transformation!


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